Emergency Repairs

seven men repairing storm-damaged roof

When catastrophe strikes, our company is ready to respond. Our team prides itself in putting your structure back together after a weather event. The pictures below represent one of our Gulf Coast customers that had damage from a hurricane. Coates Roofing Company has the knowledge and experience to quickly restore a roof back to its original condition in a timely manner.

New Construction


Coates Roofing Company installs a variety of roof systems, from BUR/Modified to TPO, PVC, and KEE. We work with the owner and/or general contractor to select the system that is the perfect fit for the project. Coates Roofing Company performs well to meet deadlines set in a fast-paced construction schedule.

Roof Replacement


Coates Roofing Company is an industry expert to replace a roof when it is at the end of its’ life from tear off to overlay of the existing roof system. The primary consideration is given to meeting local codes in the reroofing process including R-values, deck condition & attachment, and wind uplift requirements. We are adept at navigating Factory Mutual specifications.

Roof Maintenance

Coates Roofing Employee Infrared Scanning at Sunset

In this picture, our specialist is waiting for optimal conditions to perform an infrared scan. This roof happens to be a data center in the Kansas City area.  Coates Roofing uses infrared technology to identify defects in roofs that are commonly undetected. Owners receive reports with photos and documentation to show problem areas with recommended solutions.

Roof Repairs

Coates Roofing Employees Performing Roof Repair

Roof repairs can extend the life of a roof until a replacement is feasible. With infrared and capacitance testing, leak sources are pinpointed and repairs are made by our experienced technicians. All repairs come with a one-year warranty issued to the owner. Yes, these roofs should have been replaced years ago, but sometimes their life has to be extended until reroofing can occur.